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Im sorry but ASGI is just as retarded. They lie through their teeth.

I Ordered a Systema M120 Spring from you in this Order, I have however Received a Systema M120S Spring which is almost 30fps higher than our field limits in Canada.
Could you please send the correct part?
Thank you for your inquiry. If the Systema spring you received is labeled M120S then you received the correct part. All Systema M120 springs are labeled M120S on their packaging. However, if the FPS is too high for your local field limits then you will need to downgrade to a different spring. Let me know if you have any further questions. thanks.

Best Regards,

Jason Hills
Airsoft GI RMA Department
That information is not correct considering many retailers carry both the M120 and the M120S. Im a local Gundoc and Ive personally had over 50 of these units through my hands. Springs M120s Springs M120

There is a 30-40 fps difference between the springs, and as your website stated that these were the M120 springs and not the M120s. I would like the correct part to be delivered as advertised.
even provided references and details. They suddenly ceased comms after that... Go figure. Fucking Bastards.

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