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in germany a SRC g36-E costs 249euro ( 367 cad) bye the expensive shop.
a had see on few pages but i canīt find a ksc/kwa glock 18 only the glock 23?
Iám 19 years old can i send a (admin) my id card that he can check it so that i can look before i in canada if problem... i love my hobby i pay any price for my gun^^:grin:

@FNG_13 yes you understand me :-) and thanks

yes i order to bye asmc they one of the best shops

itīs a good idea with the german gear ^^

i come on a working hollyday visum to canada with my aunt...i want to see the world:-) i was for few years in canada than i was 12 and i found it incredible ...

i hope their understand me ^^

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