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Naja, ich bin auch Deutschstudent (Zweiten Jahr an der Uni). Hoffentlich können Sie alles gut verstehen, aber wenn Sie eine Überzetzung brauchen haben wir manche Deutschprecher hier und da. Sie können in den "Retailers" Teil des Sites suchen für manche Sites, die Camo verkaufen.

Translated for the non-German speakers:
I'm also a German student (second year University). Hopefully you can understand everything alright, but if you need anything translated we have a few German speakers here and there. You can check the "Retailers" part of the site for a few sites that sell camo.

@ Mitchell - I'm pretty sure he said that he's bringing his German kit and not leaving it behind. But he also orders new kit pretty often and wants to research rates before he gets here. He's taken a look at a few things, and although gear isn't too bad the guns are another story.

Sorry for clarifying on your behalf, Bernino...I hope I didn't put any words in your mouth.
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