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So ive gone out a bunch of time for airsoft but unfortunetly always had to rent gun, so recently ive picked up a kjw m1911 which im fairly impressed with and so far no complaints.

I was kinda wondering if anyone had shipped any airsoft guns from Redwolf airsoft with success in canada. Also kinda wondering what you guys thing of the G&P Stubby Killer , looks pretty decent and would love to add this as my main

Names Devon btw
the line in question makes it seem an awful lot like you where going to order from redwolf.

Originally Posted by Alpine_Impulse View Post
I understand the need for AV there is no need to explain it. I didnt say I was ordering from the site I just asked if anyone has had any expriance with them but if your unable to answer till im age verified that is fine. Plus I am more interested of people opinion on this gun.

Sorry if i started on the wrong foot
If you take a look at the top of the page you'll notice a search bar, in there you can find reviews of a plethora of weapons. i suggest looking around this entire forum. read up on rules and the reviews. to be honest alot of people here are tired of spoon feeding people information that can be easily found using the search function
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