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Look for someone who has "Staff" or "Age Verifier" under their name.

Basically in a nutshell because teens and minors are stupid these rules were enacted voluntarily by the community in canada. This doesn't mean that once you're 18 you're immediately mature and responsible however it does mean you're responsible for your actions and can face the full brunt of the law without being able to hide behind your parents (like most minors do). You do not have to be AV'ed to play or be a part of any communities however it means that it will be hard to find "black" guns as the only stuff that is readily available to the public is what is dubbed "cansoft".

Anyways, it sounds like you're responsible and all that so it shouldn't be a problem for you at all to get AV'ed and be a welcome member of the community.

Also once you get to Canada you'll be in for quite a shock. The prices here are a lot more due to the situation that we have in Canada in regards to airsoft (kind of a grey area already and to make matters worse Border Services follow their own rules/interpretations of the law). Also note that, although you may only see clear receiver guns for sale in Canada, that's far from the truth of what you'll find. In fact there are a lot of "black" guns (black plastic or metal bodies) in Canada if you know where to look, which is right here in the classifieds once you get your verification through.

EDIT: @ radicalruss:

Most of the venues that we play at are paintball sites that do airsoft on the side. There may be some private fields in your area however for the most part the places to play will be paintball sites. AFAIK there are very few dedicated airsoft sites mainly due to the fact that it doesn't bring in too much money for the owners to operate it and pay for their insurance policies and such so yeah that's basically the story of how things work.
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