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yeah I was foolish enough to learn the hard way...we'll see if my stuff shows up, luckly it was only $30 worth incl shipping which is effing bogus.
You guys are correct. better off without them.

Oh i forgot something, I ordered Dec. 29th and wasnt confirmed until Jan 8th. Item was supposed to be in stock pending their order ETA of Dec.29th, and its still on back order/processing/ they are just making puppies and dont care about their online customers.

I accidentally over paid my shipping $15 twice, and I sent a paypal dispute, since Evike didnt want to answer my emails...paypal said it was my fault.. which it was, but they just explained everything I had explained to them right back to me and it took them 2-3 days to figure that out.
A week and a half later, Evike sent me the refund, and demoted my then order from processing to back order, ETA Dec 29/2009

They is retard

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