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Originally Posted by zeshil View Post
What grit sandpaper do you suggest?
60-80? Maybe 200 max. Just don't get too fine. What I did when I did my bicycle it was 160 grit IIRC.

There is this special stuff that you can get from specialty stores that pretty much melts any plastic. I forget what it's called but it's like the opposite of viscous. Anyways, you could probably do it that way.

IIRC it was something like $15-20 for a 3 oz. jar and I got it from "The concrete store" in Vancouver (it's not actually called that but that's the name I know it by I actually forget what the real name is I think it's "the concrete shop"). It's really thin and works on pretty much any plastic I've tried it on. ABS, styrene, PVC, acrylic, etc. So maybe that one might work if the model plastic glue doesn't.
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