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ANcorp and I were there to check it out today, I must say it's a drastic improvement over the original layout and a good use of the space, Steve I think you should

Althought it doesn't offer the kind of cqb environment that CQB paintball does, the place looks ten times more fun than it did before, good for skirmishing.

Originally Posted by sarosh View Post
Looks sick, hopefully i can come down to try it out sometimes. Any problems with sand getting in the guns and what not.
Unless you're running a dropleg and crawling you should be fine, and so long as you don't drop your gun in the sand, there's an air compressor in the staging area for the sand tho.

Originally Posted by HGI View Post
Looks sweet kept all the sticky paint everywhere ready to be smudged on you if you lean on anything.
Originally Posted by jzaragoza View Post
Actually the paint we have on hand tends to dry up like mud and just crack off. field is powerwashed every week.
He's right, they use some special paint there that turns to crud and doesn't stay greasy for years afterwards, makes it easy to cleanup for them

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