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Originally Posted by theguy View Post
Lythinca, please do a little more reaserch next time before providing advice

CAS (Canadian Airgun Supply) is the name of the importer that import all clear G&G products to canada.

They divide their products into three levels of quality.

The bottom is the Rec. - a rec M4 is $260
The middle is the standard - a standard M4 is ~$300
The top is the Advanced - an advanced M4 is ~$350

Most people will tell you the rec isn't worth buying, and I have to agree, for only about forty dollars more, you get a much better performing gun.

In fact, if you can afford it, i would do with the advanced, or if your willing to spend a few bucks more then the advanced, Go with the SRC Gen III

Below is a thread comparing the REC to the standard.

Amos, the guy who did the indepth reviews is a well respected gun-tech here. He knows what hes talking about.
I second this quote 100%. Also I have owned the JG M4(mine was new) befor I got my TM AUG A2 commando( I love it so much I have to mention it alot) and if I were(once you turn 18) Id at least spent the extra $40 for the G&G standard M4 if your on a tight budget you wil be alot happier with it then the REC

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