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Bissa: An "RA" is a "Residence Assistant", they are also known as a "Floor Marshall" or other names. Basically they're the guys who keep order in the dorms and make sure that people aren't having crazy parties, wrecking shit and that the Dorm "rule book" is followed (ie. no drinking in the halls, no noise after 11PM on weekdays or 12 on weekends, no weapons, no pets etc.)

So I'll tell you a story. Gather around kids.

So it was my first year at university. I was living in the dorms. This was after I found out I couldn't keep my "paintball" guns in the dorms. So I'm going out to play "paintball". I'm wearing my BDU pants and a black T-shirt. I have my RAV Vest and BDU Tunic wrapped over top the vest carrying it by my side to try and not scare people into calling the cops/security (in addition to my gear bag with change of clothes and other shit). So needless to say, after that day I was likely considered the "crazy military gun nut" which is not really cool if you're trying to keep a low profile about this kind of stuff.

PS: Don't go all "Desperado" or "Gun Slinger Girl" style cause if you're caught it's probably worse cause it's pretty suspicious to be carrying a guitar or viola case with guns inside but why would anyone think of stopping you for carrying a guitar/viola case anyways. They're also pretty expensive, apparently in High School my section leader's sax case was something like $100 when he bought it.
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