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Originally Posted by piraha View Post
Sorry.. I was a little unclear. I've edited my post to better reflect what I meant to say.

- I'm looking to spend between 600 and 1000 on my AEG.

I looked at the TM M14 but it seems to be a very large rifle. 45 inch long. I lug around the C7 "1 meter" and that as big as I would ever care to go.

The M4 looks to be about what I need, but I'm concerned about he size of batter it will take.

I like the look G36K but I wonder how the folding stock will hold up to the test of time?

Thank you again for your replies, Chris
How about a Bullpup?
AUG,Tavor TAR 21, L85, FAMAS?
Its easy to move with 'em and they're fairly accurate because of there longer barrels.

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