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Need to know if this deal is good or not.

Hey guys. I have a pending deal with someone.

They have what I believe to be a Dboys M4 RIS with 3 mags, battery, charger, foregrip. And a JAC M203 with two shells. (They say its a M4 with the same internals as a Dboys, so I presume it is a dboys.)

Theyre charging $335 for it (includes price to drive to my house from 2 hours away.)

Im tight for cash, and have proposed a trade to them.

So, for all that. I am willing to trade my TM Desert Eagle Hardkick that I bought for $200. Is this deal good? (Price wise, it seems to be. As I only paid $200 for my DE, and it originally came with greengas and some BB Bastard BBs.)



Edit: I ask because I would think that my Desert Eagle may be worth alot more than $335. (How much do TM Deagles go for anyway?)
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