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Lets play ask the experts!

The question I put forth to this panel is what AEG would you recommend for me.

Things you should know.

- I have a budget of around 1,000 just for the AEG but would like to get my AEG for 600.
- My play style is quick. I like to run and change my position a lot. So I believe I'll need a mid sized semi/full auto. No stubbies or folding stocks please.. I'm not a fan.
- Accuracy is important but not a must for me. I'm no sniper.
- I play mostly outdoors and I hate HATE catching someone in the open and not being able to hit them because of the distance 100 feet or more.
- I plan to use heavy weight anmo. Outdoor play.
- I would prefer if it was ready to play out of the box.
- Simple down or up grading options to change from indoor to out door play (fps limits).
- Large battery so it will last a hole day and many many mags.
- I look for quality, reliability and looks :P

Thank you for your help in advance.

Cheers, Chris

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