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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
I'll answer this question for you. NO... Simply no.

My campus housing services actually has a whole rule book about living in the dorms and there is a whole section dedicated to this.

We're not allowed "projectile weapons" period. Apparently this also included NERF guns the way it's worded.... The only thing that's excluded from this is Laser tag (since there is no projectile coming out per-se, rather it's a burst of infrared light that is purely only energy and no physical matter being launched).

So I asked my Floor Marshall about "paintball" (I'm part of a "paintball" team, I was wondering if I could keep my "paintball stuff" in my room) and they forwarded it to the housing services and they got back to me and said no (however I could keep my "Paint", and gear in the dorms but no physical gun). SO what I ended up doing was contacting someone in the area and storing the stuff at a his place (great way to meet people if you're new to city by the way). I still have my BDU's and such in the dorms however no airsoft, no paintball, no nerf.
what about water guns? technically it is launching a physical object.
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