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Get in touch with the fine fellows at Op-For and BCAC, the two local clubs in the Lower Mainland.

As far as clear or not goes. It's only really for importation purposes (note this still means don't try it even with clear guns if it's personal importation since you can go through a lot of headache and it's much better to have someone else to do it for you). Once in country the colour doesn't matter at all.

If you're planning on picking up a cheap clone for a year then selling it off then you probably won't get much, however if you had a TM or something you could probably recover your costs but at the same time it doesn't move that quickly so it might sit around there for a bit of time and you'd have already left unless you get a surrogate in Vancouver to sell on your behalf and ship to the buyer, then send you money it once you get to Ireland but that's a bit complicated.

As far as the "black receivers" goes, all of those guns were "imported before 1998", even the 2008 PTW's which were "pre-release beta versions". *cough**cough*

Shops to go to in Vancouver include: Gorilla Surplus, Daves Surplus and Tactical, PoCo Surplus (Port Coquitlam) and just to note, none of them sell guns except PoCo which carries only the clear receiver guns. To get a "black gun" you'll have to get AV'ed or get someone to buy on your behalf. If someone buys on your behalf and you're not 18+ they can get their AV status revoked but it sounds like you're way over 18 so good luck with that.

PS: Try out some of the local food, especially some of the Ethnic food. Japanese food (which is a lot more than just sushi), Chinese (real Chinese food, not that fast food take out crap), heck even Korean BBQ and Pho (pronounced "fuuh"). They're all good.
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