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Originally Posted by Slono View Post
Bleah... not that I don't like ILLusion, LOL, I just wish I could do it myself so I could learn more and use that knowledge to help others.
I understand that - in fact, I often feel the same way. However, there comes a point when asking for advice from someone with much more experience than you is just a better use of time; and I would consider the installation of a kit for the first time, with little-to-no experience has way overstepped that line.

Originally Posted by Jon35 View Post
Well it sounds like you did it wrong last time. You need new parts thats a fact. maybe illusion will let you watch so you can learn.
Just go and see ILLusion. To me, he seems like the kind of guy that would be more than happy to let you sit and watch - he isn't at all about making himself a profit and keeping customers as customers. I find that he's very good at giving really good advice, even when he himself could have attempted to sell a similar part to me; I have a feeling that if you took your GBB to him and had him fix it, he'd be even more receptive to giving you proper instruction.
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