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Greetings from Ireland.

Appologies to the Mods if this is the wrong section, feel free to move.

Im heading over to your fine country from Ireland where airsoft was only legalised in 2006. We have a strict 1J limit enforced across the country but other than that there are few restrictions, other than an impending ban on personal imports.

Im plannng on moving to Vancouver for a year or so and am just wondering what the legalities are re: full metal airsoft guns & personal importation.
Im not planning on bringing any over with me but wouldnt mind buying a clone or two over there just to do a bit of gaming.

I was under the impression that ye guys could only have clear receivers/frames but like a lot of info on the internet, it can be flawed or completely incorrect.

Can any one shed a bit of light on the area for me & also any site or shops in the vancouver area, or other general things to look out for.

All replies much appreciated, thanks.
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