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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
Solon, u I have kjw 1911 and MEU mags at the store, if you want to come test them out you can
This problem was happening before the freezing incident.

He even tried my mags (which work fine in my Warrior) and the problem continued to exist. So it's not the mags.

My verdict is still on a messed up slide/barrel set. What you guys don't know is that his barrel ate the lugs in the slide, causing the slide to lock up to the chamber and have occasional weak shots. Repeated attempts to continue to force it to work without proper lube and experience ended up gouging out quite a bit of material from the slide lugs.

My temporary solution to him at the time was to apply some grease to the barrel, as the tackiness of the grease would allow the slide to "grab" the barrel and pull it back. This temporarily solved the problem, but continued to persist after a short period of time.

Turns out Slono didn't know the difference between oil and grease... and applied a light oil instead of a grease, which is why the problem came back after working for a short while.

Did you apply the grease that I told you to use, Solon?
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