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Originally Posted by Slono
What happens when a GBB freezes?
It gets really cold.

Beyond that, it's fine. Just don't fire it with a hot mag or you may crack the plastic parts (nozzle, cylinder bulb.)

Originally Posted by juicy View Post
Upgraded recoil springs do increase wear on the sears - you do know that, right? Might not be the case with TM's, at least I understand that its not the case with TM Hi-Capa's.
Recoil springs don't put any weight at all on the sear, so that statement is incorrect.

Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
Seems like you got the lightweight BBU from your pics. Is the piston loose? Have you loctite the piston the the unit? It's the Illusion Kinectics one, correct? If so, it's the 1 piece design, so try checking out the screw if it's loose.
I threadlocked it for him.

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