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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
Which small screw to line up with what?
The screw for holding the valve blocker! Yup, that's a bitch to get in there properly.

Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
When you installed the KM high flow valve, have you put the correct shims in for correct strike height?

Has the gun worked fine before with the KM high flow valve in the magazine?
Hmm, interesting. If the shims weren't installed the valve won't open all the way - is this correct Hitman? I do understand that the gun worked fine before the freezing incident (right?), so I have a feeling that the high flow was installed at least half-decently.

Huh. I just read the most recent posts in ILLusion's Hi-Capa thread; Slono, you said you installed the kit yourself with no prior experience. You got balls, man - but did it work after you installed the kit? Personally, I tightened the slide rails on my Socom Gear (I know, its just a WE - nasty "tolerances", I agree) and found it works just fine in indoor weather... and anything above 10C - however, if the operating temperature is lowered, or moisture is added to the picture (not sure which one it is yet), the gun will need a really good cleaning of everything in order to function properly again. Interestingly enough, it suffers from semi-"cooldown" effects, sort of like those that Slono is facing with his, in that many strikes of the valve knocker just don't have enough oomph to kick the slide back fully and do much more than give a slight puff of gas to the BB. Unfortunately, I have no idea what causes this - but its something to consider...? Perhaps someone can tell me wtf is going on with mine? lol

I still think you should take a closer look at those mag seals. Like Hitman said, the rubber used on those tends to crack when frozen - that would be a likely causation of your ineffective gas use (but I have no idea why it works sometimes and doesn't other times - maybe its just a small crack?). Lube the fuck out of that seal if you must (once again, like Hitman said). Or hell, even pull those seals out and dump them in a silicon oil bath - you never know what that may/may not do! I find that's saved my mags a few times.
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