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Not a good idea even if the park rangers said it was OK.

Reason being is that park rangers aren't the ones contacted when someone calls about "some guys running around with fully automatic omfg machine gun sniper assault rifles", it's the ERT team that gets the call and they won't know if you and the park rangers had any past deals about when and where you were allowed.

Also not to mention about people who may be in the area doing an "off piste hike" and chances are they won't have eye protection so a stray round has the potential to hit someone and even at velocities as low as 80 FPS (and sufficient energy) or something you can still get eye damage. In short even if they do say yes it's still not a good idea at all.


PS: Apparently some of the rangers are packing heat that is way hotter than you guys have (ie. real steel) and if something happens in communications that not all of the rangers on duty know you guys are playing with airsoft there is a chance you may get shot by a jumpy ranger.
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