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Originally Posted by FNG_13 View Post
Try ordering one of amos' lens protectors for sights and scopes and such...he can cut them to whatever diameter you need. I THINK it's amos who does them, anyway...a quick forum search has yielded naught, but maybe someone else will be able to help you out. Looks good, man!
Thanks, I'll look into that!

Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
How are you going to aim?
Ha ha, ideally, I'd have the camera on the side rather than the top, but since my R&D department is...well, non-existent, ha ha, I'll probably be able to make due by just aiming down the side of the rifle adjusting based on where the BBs go. That's how lots of people shoot anyway, ha ha!

Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
I've done the screw method, it's better to drill a hole into your helmet and do the same on the helmet.
Originally, I was thinking of mounting the camera to my shoulder somehow, but with my readily available tools, this was more practical. That, and I don't actually wear a helmet (my Avatar is actually from a real CF training ex); I wear a boonie, and even if I did make a mount for it somehow, imagine how funny I'd look with a big camera strapped to my noggin, ha ha! Though it'd probably give me an edge, as the enemy would probably be confused for a second or two...
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