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Originally Posted by bareass View Post
what are some of the prices for used guns? i've been looking at new guns and see that decent looking guns (metal internals, plastic body) are around 300ish.

Depends. I've seen some beaters/fixer uppers and "for parts" guns going for $100-150 but those will require a lot of work to get working, which means either knowing something about mechanical systems (just in case you're an engineer) or getting a gundoc to help you out with fixing it (which isn't cheap by any means). You can get some clones that have been upgraded to the tits for $500-600. You can get stock "name brands" for $900 if they've been upgraded and have accessories included. You can get used PTW's for $3500 (highest price I've seen, they're usually around $1700-1800 depending on whats in the package). Not to mention that most of the NIB guns aren't in fact as great as some of the ones you can find in the classifieds, I'm not saying they're crap but you can get better. It's like trying to pick food. You could get the generic no name Mac and Cheese (clone brands), or you could get the KD Mac and Cheese (well known name brand), or if you really have deep pockets you can actually make your own Mac and Cheese with real a cheese sauce (PTW (Professional Training Weapon, it's the exact same thing as real steel dimensionally, and weight wise or so I've heard)). Or if you know anything about snowboards, you could get an off name brand for some ridiculously low price but they're just a crap board, you could get a slightly known name brand (ie. Lamar), or you could get a "pro" board (Burton, K2, RIDE, Option, Forum, Nitro, Lib Tech etc.) it all depends on what you're looking for and how deep your pockets are.

so why wouldn't a used gun, of the same initial worth, be around 200?
i don't see why i can't buy something that is about 200-250 and use it for quite sometime. i don't think there is much of a airsoft scene where i am, (kitchener for school and windsor as home) so fielding won't be happening every weekend for me, i don't think.... could be wrong though.

These guns have usually been upgraded and have included accessories that the NIB gun doesn't come with, eg. better battery (and spare batteries sometimes), mags, red dot, external upgrades like rails and stocks, and a lot of the time they'll have internal upgrades. PS: Ontario has one of the most active communities in Canada, you're lucky in fact. I have to go for about 2 and a half hours to get to the field.

hopefully i'll be able to get to a game, and get AVed, and get searching for a gun... i would love some suggestions if u guys have them on decent priced guns that are a good bang for the buck... and i'll continue to research and shop.

That's the best plan since you'll have a wider selection to choose from and may fit your budget a lot better. Also consider doing a rental for your first game to make sure you want to dump your money into this. It's not something that should be taken lightly since you're basically spending a months worth of rent on "entertainment" and wants instead of an actual need (like food, or tuition).

So yeah, lay off the clubs and pubs for a while and I'm sure you'll be able to scrounge up enough money to start off with a decent setup. $650 and you should be good to for most things that includes everything that you should need except for things you may already have such as hiking boots (like I said don't "need" to use military boots to play however if you don't have any then consider picking up a set) and work gloves.

I'll keep you posted on some deals that I find for hiking boots if I hear anything but be sure to check out places like MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op), Coast Mountain, in addition to any other place that stocks hiking boots even Zellers but you should have a clue of exactly what you want. One of my co-workers in the summer picked up a pair of CSA rated boots from Zellers last year for $50 and they were actually great but you should know what you're looking for to be able to discern the crap from the good stuff.
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