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There's quite a few people with the same mentality, thinking a $300 gun will hold them over for a year while they save money to buy a decent AEG.
Works for some people, but a lot people learn the horrible truth of the matter first hand. Once you buy that $300 gun, it may last a while, it might not. If it doesn't, good luck fixing it, or even finding someone who wants to work on it.
And when you finally have enough money to buy a mainstream AEG, you'll find nobody wants to buy your used chinasoft gun that wasn't that good to begin with, and you've just wasted a whole $300

Nobody here is trying to BS you into spending more money than you have to, we're just giving you hard learned advice.
There are 3 things you don't cheap out on: eye protection, your primary gun, and your boots. When it comes to those 3 things, you always get exactly what you pay for!
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