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Here are some of the initial cost you have to pay up front, to be "happy" with this sport, Airsoft unlike paintball have a substantial investment up front and quite relatively low maintenance and operation cost later on.

Used quality AEG (please don't cheap out and buy clones, no matter how good they sound) buy from a quality brand and make sure it's local so you can try it out first. Get brands like King Arms, G&P, Classic Army, VFC - $400 - $600+ for package (mags, Gun, Battery)

Quality Goggles - $45
Chargers - $35 - $150
Vest - $40 - $200

Again I can't say it more clear don't cheap out or later on you will just spend more time and money getting shit fixed and getting frustrated from not being able to play will eventually turn you off from this sport.

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