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Originally Posted by bareass View Post
what are some of the prices for used guns? i've been looking at new guns and see that decent looking guns (metal internals, plastic body) are around 300ish.
so why wouldn't a used gun, of the same initial worth, be around 200?
i don't see why i can't buy something that is about 200-250 and use it for quite sometime. i don't think there is much of a airsoft scene where i am, (kitchener for school and windsor as home) so fielding won't be happening every weekend for me, i don't think.... could be wrong though.
hopefully i'll be able to get to a game, and get AVed, and get searching for a gun... i would love some suggestions if u guys have them on decent priced guns that are a good bang for the buck... and i'll continue to research and shop.
Theres lots of games in the K-W/cambridge/guelph area. flagraiders indoor and outdoor are both there. Theres usually a game at least every week in the summer, and every few weeks in the winter in our area.

Can't speak for windsor.
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