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Id suggest keeping it at room temp. for a day or two to regain the natural state. Visually inspect it to see if you can identify any obvious deformations that might affect the operation. Like the user above me mentioned some things Id be extra cautious about my hopup rubber and o-rings.

Did you store the mags with gas in them? Is there any gas left in them at all, like when you just touch the gas release valve do you still feel pressure?

Don't force anything of course, if removing the barrel (inner or outer) gives more resistance than normal then Id apply a small amount of silicone oil to ease them out. If after all this all appears normal I'd try and fire off a round or two and see if anything has changed in its performance.

Do not put the thing on a heat source or anything as rapid cooling and warming can defect the metal parts, possibly beyond repair. As always though when in doubt do some research or get a hold of a gun doc that knows GBBs.

Hope nothing has been too farked as that sounds like a beaut of a pistol!
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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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