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Question What happens when a GBB freezes?

I'm asking this question because my gun case was mistaken for a toolbox and was put in the garage for about 7 hours. It contained my TM M.E.U. in a Nova Kimber Warrior metal kit along with 3x TM M.E.U. mags. When I ransacked the house and finally retrieved it from the garage it was supercold and had frost on it. I quickly disassembled it and dried as much as I could off but did not manage to take the hop up + inner barrel assembly out of the aluminum outer barrel because I was afraid that I would bend it out of shape again (I say again, because I bent/widened the gap that the hop up + inner barrel assembly is insert into while installing it by accident and had to fix it). All of the internals were well greased and the mags were well lubed the day before this incident. What kind of damage could the cold have done to my GBB? Are there any pieces that may have been destroyed by the cold?

edit: This has nothing to do with the gun problems I was having before as this unfortunate event happened earlier today.

I am very mad that this has happened.

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