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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
You're complaining about hair!? cmon man! you can see me in my avatar, I have long hair, hair drops naturally, we're all human, holy shiet =="

What damage in the gun? NOTHING IS BROKEN. When WILL YOU GET IT? It's 100% functional, not only that, it works like a beast, local players can attest to this. I'm really amazed at how much you can say without even firing a single shot. You even went as far as telling me that "this gun will not last long", well, Here are what's in the gun.

- Brand New Steel 300% High Torque Gears(Yup, it wasn't in the sales thread, but there's a $50 upgrade I didnt mention. Check it when you manage to open it.)
- Stock TM Piston/Modified Piston head
- Prometheus M110 spring
- Systema Metal Bearing spring guide.
- Systema Selector Plate
- TM EG700 motor
- Brand New King Arms 8mm Reinforced Mechbox(And you're telling me "it won't last long"?)
- Brand New 5KU solid bushing and King Arms 8mm Bearings
- Systema air seal nozzle for MP5
- TM cylinder head
- Systema Hop up rubber
- Systema 6.04 Brass Tightbore
- Modify Safety Catch and TM Anti reversal latch.

-TM hop unit shim - modified for better accuracy and consistency
scratch that last post i didn't see your reply.

what brand are the high torque gears. i don't want open it up and HONESTLY. the gearbox itself is really really really nice..but really it would be VERY nice if you can somehow come up with a selector switch.. the selector plate says MP on them somehow. the "will not last long thing" was more for the trigger assembly and the gears(assumed they were TM stock ones).

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