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wow... just wow.....i posted the PM's and ppl can read them themselves. whatever's broken is broken. u can't argue with that. I already said ill take care of the stripped screw and the motor connector. as for how you stripped the screw i don't know. There is even a hair/fibre on it. clearly u didn't work in a clean environment. and NO i never told you i SNAPPED them off.I want you to stop referring to the stripped screws and the motor connection spade tab, and everything before the purchase. i don't care about those. I'm more worried about what the damage is in the gun. I want a gun doc to fix this and i'm sure you know this wasn't a good deal on my end at all. I tried to be nice with you and you give me this POS. sorry but this simply isn't going to work out.Go through the PM's. i paid $400 for XX and i got XY. read the PM's i clearly told you what happened.

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