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Sometimes shit happens. You do your best with what you have.

If I had a BNIB Marui gun that I sold to somebody, I doubt I would warranty it. I didn't build it, and if I sold it I likely wouldn't really be profitting much from it.

When I build something, I build it like I would be using it myself. That means I want it to work. But, sometimes shit happens. You may end up second-guessing yourself if you get the call that "it broke" only days later. Were the kids asking me a question and momentarily my concentration lapsed? Did I have to take a phone call and forget a simple assembly step?

I will usually give the benefit of the doubt in a reasonable circumstance. That doesn't mean I'll fix a gun after the guy has put 30,000 rounds through it (I actually had that scenario, guess what my response was?).

I'm fairly certain I lost my shorts on that gun, Tyson.
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