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Here is the PM A DAY before he contacted me back. This is after I sent him a negative trader rating, and he sent me a neutral. This is BEFORE he purchased the AEG.

Originally Posted by cerealmaniac
ye i don't know what to say to you. i don't deal with liars. good luck.
a day later... (I didn't say anything.)

Ok how bout this.. I emt you 398.5 tmr(all I got, and rbc charges me a fee) I'm honest with u man... I can scan the speeding ticket and the book receipts... Don't think I will keep the mp5 for long but I want to Ned this in good terms with if we can do this under a special condition:help me advertise the gun.. I will need the money back to pay off my bills... Sorry for the misunderstanding,..

I even told him its fine if he wants to back out of the sale(He posted it on the original post). Just that he will receive a negative feedback for flaking, That's common sense. How is this bullying him into sales?

EDIT: I just also read that he said the motor lead was originally snapped off when he opened up the grip. Hey here is a question you should ask yourself, How would I install it if it was snapped!

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