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Sorry bro, any of those suggestions are just plain ridiculous.

-Gun was fully functional, and lipo ready(The internals are high quality), until you broke off the motor connector. And yes, you admitted yourself in PMs that you broke if off yourself(That you snapped it off yourself.). At least 7 people can attest to this rifle's great funtionality first hand locally, 4 have used it in Panther games, 3 others have handled it on different occasions.

-Moreover, you stripped the screws yourself, and you are blaming me for it. This is obvious, if I stripped it, then I could not have screwed it on so tight and so firmly. Slightly over finger tight is always the rule. There were also no physical damage to the screws before shipping, in your picture it looks as if its destroyed completely. Who did it? It's painfully obvious.

-Selector switch is not broken. How many times do I have to say this for you to understand? It's a 0.5mm chip and has nothing to do with the functionality. You are pointing this out only to make your case look better. You can't even see it when the gun is assembled.

-As to the bushings. Yes, I did those. But these are not 6mm bushings, not 7mm, but 8MM bushings. They are virtually indestructible, and if the axles are held correctly, the friction is as constant as the highest friction, which is the single upper sector gear bushing.

Another thing, you didn't shoot a SINGLE round before you disassembled it.. You told me this yourself.

Let's look at this one more time: You bought the item. Which I delivered, and NONE of those descriptions on the sales thread were a lie. All problems(which was one problem, Non-Functioning semi auto) was CLEARLY MENTIONED in the sales thread.

So you get the item, doesn't fire a single shot. Starts tampering with it, strip the screws, snap off the motor lead, and then now asks ME to repay you for the damage, or provide a refund. In addition, you begin nit picking every thing that looks even remotely negative on the rifle to make your case look better to the public, even if it has absolutely NOTHING to do with Looks OR functionality.

I tried my best to help you. I sent you two free extra bushings because I had extras and since 8mm were hard to find, I thought you would find it grateful that you have spares. I even offered to send you a brand new Prometheus gold motor lead for only $4 when you told me you snapped the old one off.

Does this sound fair, or moral to ANYONE? This is why manufactures VOIDS your warranty if you disassemble the gun.

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