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To make things clear, this thread intended to focus on the POST-purchase dissonance.

ok Jaime, here are the options i have come up with

1.partial refund for the gun.(sorry but i didn't get what i paid for, and you should know how much the AEG is really worth.)

2.payment for gun doc services to fix the issues.(that includes the parts necessary to bring it to a functional level) i do have a couple local gun docs in mind.*note this excludes the spade connector.

3.complete refund

The first 2 options should inclue a new selector switch. it really is broken and this wasn't mentioned in the sales thread at all. There are also a couple cracks on the plastic where the you secure front end to the inner i'm typing the mechbox is still sitting on my desk...with the spring compressed still.. Let me know your decision or any alternatives you can come up with. I refuse to throw any more of my money away in this. So i won't be mailing it back to you for repairs or modifications unless you pay for the shipping. Thank you

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