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Originally Posted by Chinchy View Post
Well you can call me a noob but... You have never seen me play and yes I am NEW to air soft but that doesn't instantly make me obnoxious about the game, how its run or bad at aiming a gun. I don't go around swinging me E-Peen without anything to back it up IRL. By the way are you Mexican because the way you reply to everyones posts feels like your trying to compensate for something.
lol oh boy...

No I've never seen you play, but I've read what you've typed and you sound like a noob to me

owning a bunch of clearsoft doesn't qualify u as being knowledgeable about airsoft

as for In Real Life Goes, I can more than back my shit up, be careful you play with boy

and no I'm not Mexican, don't really get that reference FYI I'm Trinidadian and I love making examples of little noobs that think they can get smart with members of the community.
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