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Originally Posted by cerealmaniac View Post
O and FYI i did NOT try different allen keys.(thats what you told me to do) i realize i should just stop what i'm doing and make this public. since things are getting out of hand. and you did mention fixing the red connector. it was nice of you to offer another spade connector for $4 but yea...
Yes, I did tell you to try out different allen keys. But not so hard that you'd strip it.

And yes I did offer you another Prometheus Gold pin spade connector for $4 shipped, after you PMed me about how you snapped it. Like I said, I'm an honest seller, and if the sales had problems that involves ME mistreating the rifle and in which case it consequently malfunctioned, then I WOULD do my best to fix it for you, free of charge.

However these problems were not brought up by me. So I can't(And is not justifiable) that you ask me to repay you for it(That's just common sense). Even then I offered you the best help I could when you broke the parts, what more do you want?

And I did NOT bully him into the sales. After the initial sales broke off, I sent him a negative feedback, so did he, vice versa. He then contacted me again through PM(I did not say a single thing. I actually told him if he wanted to flake, that's fine, but he will receive a negative feedback. Again, common sense), he changed his mind and said he wanted to buy the rifle off of me instead. So I sold it to him(with -$20 lowball), and now he pulls this "I got bullied into buying this" thing on me.

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