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The seller is me. I'm not going to hide, Cerealmaniac's post is incredibly biased. If I posted a similar topic thread, I would probably get the same reaction in my favour(Trust me, you will not want to read the PMs he wrote).

Before I say anything, the sales were in the stand of a friend, and the rifle is not mine, it's worked by me however. I've worked on over 40 rifles locally and many local players can attest by my gun doc skills.

So in my defense, I will say a few things.

-The screws are WERE NOT stripped, and in fact, ENTIRELY INTACT before shipping. The king arms screws are irregular sized and if a improper allen key is used, it will, of course, strip. Now, Cerealmaniac has sent me quite a few PMs asking me why he could not unscrew the screws. I told him exactly why, King Arms used a irregular sized allen key size. No matter he kept trying out different keys and IN THE PROCESS STRIPPED THE SCREWS HIMSELF. Think about it this way. I worked on it last, and if they were stripped, how did I put them back in? magic? common sense.

-Cerealmaniac also instantly broke off the motor connector himself right after taking off the motor plate. He told me this in the PM himself, and he's blaming me for it.

-The selector switch is not broken, it has a small chip of about 0.5mm(Yes, 0.5mm), and perfectly functionable.

I have kept all my PMs to him as objective and non-personal as possible until he began calling me a "liar", as well as offending me with personal accusations such as "Needed money for christmas shopping" I repeat, not a single cent went into my hands from this sales.

He's quoting the single PM I wrote, in which after he put the blame on my "gun doc skills" to where he stripped the screws himself, and broke the motor connector himself. He is writing this out of his own frustration where he destroyed the parts himself. I do not call that fair, at all. He should post the entire line of PMs, not only ones that makes him look good, and makes me look like a luniatic, don't you think?

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