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words cannot describe how disappointed i am

This is a RANT, if you aren’t interested, please do NOT read. Thanks!

So as some of you guys know I got into a dispute with another ASC member earlier this month. Skladfin

I "resolved" it by buying the gun unwillingly. I figured it was a waste of my time to argue with this user so I decided to just pay him and get it over with. here is a pm between the two of us
[QUOTE=cerealmaniac]hey man.. i did deposit the money into my account yesterday... i don't know what else to tell you other than the financial situation i'm in. i'm a 2nd year computers student and i just found out my books for this term are extremely costly..on top of that i do have to pay for my speeding ticket(i will even scan the court notice if you don't believe me).. being a full time and jobless student i don't know where or how i can come up with the money..this is a huge mistake on my part and i sincerely apologize..i cleared out my inbox a while ago and it just never occurred to me that airsoft is part of my worries...until you brought it back up a couple days ago...i don't know how you want to work this out.. Sorry


Im not an asshole, so I understand your situation, Im a uni student too.

I want you to understand before hand I'm not souless just to tell you.

If you are going to back out of this deal, I won't stop you. However you will receive a negative feedback. Mainly because you told me this way too late, and made me miss the christmas season saleif you were to back out. Moreover, you've wasted me at least ONE MONTH of sale period... seriously...

I held that MP5 for you since November, and only now you tell me this. It never occurred to you that airsoft was part of your worries? Well that's fine, just remember YOU are the one who started this deal and yesterday you still told me you will purchase it.

Again, like I said, I'm not a soulless asshole. I wouldn't leave you negative feed back if you told me right away after you got a ticket, but waiting until I contact you to tell me this is absolutely utter BS(And what's more, you were on ASC the entire time!).

Best way to work this out, send me the money and I send you the gun.
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if you read the PM's i posted below i simply inquired about the guns last year.i never agreed to pay for it or anything. To my knowledge this is simply a MP5 somebody's working on. I was hoping i can perhaps get more info on it...and perhaps buy it if the price were right..etc.and why would i tell them i got a speeding ticket? ASC is the last thing i'd worry about...MOREOVER, the For Sale thread didn't have any SPF or anything until of 6th Jan.(all along i was under the impression that the gun is still available to the general public)I knew from the start that it was a bad deal, but I want to be the better person in this confrontation and so I humbled myself and decided to take the loss.

So I received the AEG yesterday, and at first glance it looked alright. Like any other stock TM.

But after a slightly closer inspection, I noticed the selector switch was broken...this wasn't mentioned on the sales thread.

The AEG is suppose to also be LIPO-ready but has a mini-tamiya plug (great I won't be able to shoot this until I get new batteries or rewire the gun to deans).

I then opened up the motor plate and found the negative end of the spade connector broken off (easy fix... but still). ...again this wasn't mentioned on the sales thread.. though i realize it can happen to anybody since parts wear out eventually

I proceeded to take out the gearbox. It looked decent until I found a 1 solid bushing + 5 bearing bushings combo. The bearings didn’t look right either....Seller was nice enough to include extra solid bushings, but these have a considerable amount of wear and tear on them. I also noticed the spring hasn't been decompressed either. With all those unmentioned issues on the outside of the gearbox I figured I should open the gearbox and see whets going on in the inside. But I can't... a couple screws are stripped (and to add they're mismatched screws too).

I pmed the guy and he was greatly offended... He started going ape sh!t on me because I told him I’m going to fix the gearbox up.
Originally Posted by cerealmaniac
rofl thats not too hard to do... and ppl who hire gun docs don't know too much themselves anyways. i'm not doubting ur skills but i'm sure if i post the 5 bearings + 1 solid bushing combo out there i'll get the same responses..i could still use the gun but it probably won't hold up too long. + i need to redo the wiring anyways....

oh wow dude... is disrespecting others one of your skills? cause you've perfected it beyond perfection brother.

"Probably won't hold up for too long"... great to hear that... it's a brand new geabox shell with only test rounds fired in it. You haven't even opened it up, or fired it, and you say that. Thanks for not being cynical.

My piece of advice, lay off the know it all attitude. If you ever go to a gun doc and say something similar, he will not hold back on you."
Here are some pics and documents for you guys. People like this ruin ASC. nuff said…

caption:the 2 freee solid bushings.

o and if you're still reading heres the original PDF file of the sales thread, the PDF to the original trader rating he gave me(i have documents for all those ILLOGICAL excuses), and the PM's
1 last thing. Gun is taken off the FS section until the problems are resolved.tyvm

Sales Thread Click Me
AEG sales thread

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