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Originally Posted by Caboose03 View Post
thatnk for your input, about how long was the shipping wait? I want to buy some stuff from there but I am alittle hesitant about ordering from china
Took 4 days when shipped via EMS (express) from ehobbyasia. Normal shipping will take 1.5-2 weeks usually.

Milage will vary of course if customs decides to open your package and hold it for inspection.

Everybody I know has bought stuff from Dealextreme. Even my grandmother. As with any other "shipping is free" website (like, it is advisable to order everything separately. You gain nothing by making one huge order as there is no savings on shipping. Separate orders for each individual items means less mix-ups and they will be more careful with individual items as each item is invoiced. Many people doing large orders from dealextreme, ebaybanned, etc. have ended up with packages missing stuff (they send them to you later of course but it is a hassle).

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