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Slow down boys. I participated and attended this show before. If you like Militaria, Badges patches. If you like Collectable equipment Old helmets and Bayonets and Webbing. Old prints and Paintings and other stuff rescued from Yard sales and Church Basements. The smell of Bad coffee and Old man B.O. this is the show for you. There are also a lot of old shotguns and surplus rifles, antique firearms and Assorted bits of Leather and Canvas. You will also finds a selection of dusty Toys from the 70' and 80's. There will be three hundred guys lined up in the rain wearing Legion Jackets and the shiney Disco Jacket they bought at the last show. As well as a couple guys in Hunter Camo with their Twelve year old looking for their first Cooey Shotgun.
Go..... but expect a bad Garage sale of War Surplus stuff. You won't find any brilliant deals as everyone selling the stuff knows what it is and how much to ask for it.
Some guys are tired of looking at the stuff they have and may be willing to drop a few bucks. Some stuff on the tables You will have never seen before and feel that $25.00 is a great buy. The experience is unique to this type of show and the price of admission reflects the type of experience you will have.
I will try to attend this show in March as its better attended by vendors and as far as shows go this Etobicoke Olympian Show is one of the more notable. Bring Cash, as much as you can and learn how to make deals on Multiples and Haggle (reasonably) don't be suprised if your LowBall earns you a 'Piss off!'.
Other than that, don't expect this to be Boxing Day at Future Shop. Go down don't expect much and you'll be pleased if you walk out with a "Something you weren't looking for" deal.

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