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Airsoft Games and Masks..Any rules?

So as I am new to the world of Airsoft, I am slowly reading as much of these forums as I can, and had quite a laugh after reading about Bunker Noobs, I will not be like that, I promise...
Anyway, as I know with paintball, for you to even be on the field, there is a rule you MUST have a mask on at all times, and even some fields require neck protectors, is this rule the same with most Airsoft fields? Do they require masks?
For the first while I will be wearing a mask of some kind just to be on the safe side....I must use my face for my occupation and if i become blind or such...I can't keep my country's airspace safe so yeah...I'm all about the face protection..and a CUP....I'll also be wielding a cup bwaha
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