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Originally Posted by CowboyUp View Post
They're out there, but a lot of games or fields, they're either not allowed or frowned upon. IMO, unless it's on a Thompson SMG, or a SAW, it's just not cool lol

Course, I'm a sniper, and I bring two 30 round mags on the field aside from my sidearm, for which I bring 2 mid caps, and I can normally count the amount of BBs I go through in one day on two hands. Assuming everything goes according to plan, that is.
I would like to become a sniper later on down the road, but now I wanna be the guy that gets popped from the sniper and clear rooms and get elimated by the bad guys. Be a real rock and roll cow boy, get spiked by pungee, hehe yeah..I wanna be a ground pounder first..
Although I do enjoy the whole majesty of the romantic *nodnodnod*
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