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I really don't think we should be pissing on this guy *that* much. I mean sure he does have a kind of shitty gun that's only really good for plinking but at least he IS AV'ed and that's more that anyone can really as for isn't it? I mean most of these noobs that come here are like "too much time 2 get AV'ed" "I can't" "My dad just bought 250 acres of land outside of ____ City I don't need to go to games I can have my own" "I don't want to go to games" etc.

OP: Pure and simple it's a crappy gun for outdoor field use. For basement use, go at it but you should really consider a gun for at least $350. That'll get you the minimum required to play (note, it's not "REQUIRED" however does put you at a good mediocre entry level to expand on) and you can just gather other gear as you go along.
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