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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
It doesn't necessary mean you've been in airsoft for that long, or you may have been in airsoft way longer.

But in this case it's true, about 3 years.
Like Styrak said join date is a good indication but not the only metric you can judge by.

I've only actually been playing for 2 years however my join date is 04 (I'm such a chairsofter.... or at least used to be but at least I actually do get out to games now that I'm over 18).

If I'm in university right now (assuming I went straight to University from High School) you can probably figure out the math and guess generally what my age is.

PS: What No Gear said is true, Mids you can fill with 30 BB's (or the 68, or 120 BB's) and they'll still work, Low's you can only fill with 30 BB's. So that's the one you want. However what I have is 5 low caps and 5 mid caps. I can change up the number of mags I carry and the type, so maybe 5 mids one day, or 3 mids and 4 lows the next, or maybe all 10 or any permutation you can think of.
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