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Cool can somebody from ONTARIO WWII AIRSOFT RE-ENACTORS conctact me

OK...getting a bit puzzled to the lack of responses to my emails at
ONTARIO WWII AIRSOFT RE-ENACTORS group website!!--at least activate my request for account, for God sake!:banghead:

I am interested at this type of Airsoft,, I am not 18,,,more like 55years Old, very good at WWII history,,,,and even have a WWII repro 1:1 scale krad and more than head deep involved in WWII stuff!!

ok,,, i live in quebec and speak french,,,so what!! dont hold this against me !lol

Can someone ,,,friend or foe,, drop me a line so I can find more !:

Jc Laurier
CCAD (Club Champlain Armored Division--rc tank combat!)

thanks to
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