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Originally Posted by MoreToasties View Post
Pus, you owe me a beer.

Is this outside of the city limits?
Are you aware of the laws relating to the discharge or airguns inside city limits?
Are you aware that if someone sees you with it, they might panic, and call the police?
Are you aware the police might mistake it for a real firearm?

Of course you're aware.

Because you read and understood everything RITZ said, right?
And because, of course, you read all the FAQs. Especially Streloks comic about idiots with sniper rifles.

EDIT: No I am not calling you an idiot. Because you wou;nd;t discharge an airgun inside city limits, would you?

if your 20 and responsible then you should know what a search button does, and how to read correct?
if you do some research you will find as stated there are alot of legal issues involving playing on ANY LAND within city limits
honestly if your 20 go get yourself age verified. its not hard, and may take what 15 minutes of your life?
or go to a game meet a age verifier and see if airsoft is really for you.
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