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Originally Posted by GMoney View Post
I was looking at attaching one of those M203's onto it, would you suggest that or wait?
For a new player that should be your least concern.

You need to get a PROPER charger (Not just the "smart" charger you plug into a wall and forget about it, something like a Duripeak Piranha, or an Intellepeak Ice, or IMAX B6),

2 good batteries

A proper set of GOOD combat boots, not just some cheap jungle boots from a surplus store, go to a proper tactical/police supply store and look at some boots by 5.11, Original Swat, Oakley and other good, reputable brands.

Think about a hydration system, you don't want to have to stop and take a drink from a water bottle every couple of minutes during a game, hydration set-ups are quick and easy.

Good, comfortable goggles that wont fog on you,

Magazines for your new gun (Buy quality mags, general the saying goes "You buy cheap, you buy twice")

And a case to transport it to games in
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