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Originally Posted by GMoney View Post
This LBV was at one point in its life in use with the U.S army, and has all the army info on it, there was stuff there for 130 dollars,which I wouldn't have minded paying for, but it would not have fit me, as I am a bit of a smaller guy, and this one here was a bit worn, but fit comfortable and had all the pouches I needed
I couldn't actually tell if it was new or used. But if it was surplus issued stuff then that's great. I would never pay for new issued stuff so I usually go with knock offs or used surplus (I got a full set of used Olive Drab for ~$45 from the local surplus store).

I'm a bit of a smaller guy as well and I buy "Asian Sized" stuff.

EDIT: To remove the flash hider you'll need a set of Allen/Hex keys. There should be a small hole for you to unscrew the flash hider, after that it's just a matter of buying a flash hider (some are simple but some can get pretty badass and cost a lot). Once in your hands get your Allen/Hex keys again, screw the flash hider on and when it's screwed on tighten the little hole with your Allen/Hex key. I'm not sure the size of the hole but it needs a smaller sized key to tighten and loosen it.
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