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Look what I got!

Good Evening ASC,
So earlier today I met up with Submarineman to get myself Age Verified, and I had been interested in buying a Sig 552 from someone online, but after chatting with Submarineman for a few minutes and then having the shopkeeper let me handle a couple of different M-4 airsoft guns, I fell in love again. I tried out a couple of different varieties but I got hold of a Classic Army Sportline Series M15A4 Tactical Carbine and immediately it was the one I wanted.
I had found a Load bearing vest at the Army Navy shop for 30 bucks, so I bought that and also bought the Classic Army airsoft gun.
So now, I am just waiting to get Age Verified, I was told it may take some time to get it approved but I'm in no hurry. I am now pretty much fully loaded for any games that may come.
As soon as I got back to my place, I had to go picture crazy, so everyone. Here are some pictures of my in my gear, and holding my new baby. I can't wait to upgrade her.
Hope you enjoy the pics.

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