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Can't go wrong with the Flambeau. I have one myself. $15, fits my M4, optics, 5 mags.

I also have a mini duffel bag to carry my other gear (goggles, BB's, Vest, etc.).

Also, it's a good idea to carry your stuff in an electric keyboard case. Just so you're not advertising "HEY EVERYONE I HAVE GUNS!".

PS: It's probably cool to let your daughter join in the games once she's old enough (like 14 or 15, but it's your call as a parent though, I'm just a university student and don't know anything about raising a family) and you can let her plink in the basement/backyard if you want to enforce gun safety/treating firearms with respect, and other things about firearms (can never start too young in regards to safety). I believe there was a member who let his son/daughter plink in the backyard under his supervision while teaching them about firearms safety (which is how things should happen).

Wow... That post went off topic quickly. But anyways....

- Flambeau case, $15 at Canadian Tire/Walmart (it has built in locks, so you can keep it locked in the case in the closet/under the bed and you'll be fine)
- Electric Keyboard bag (in case you ever need to be clandestine about these things)
- Gear bag/duffel bag to carry gear.
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